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A device equipped with an electrophoretic display that mimics the readability of text on paper (e.g., Amazon Kindle and B&N Nook).

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What E-reader is good for browsing Wikipedia and navigating its wiki-links?

Is there an e-reader you'd recommend for reading Wikipedia? If so, why do you like that one? There is nothing quite like the wiki-linked articles Wikipedia offers for exploring non-fiction topics. But ...
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Is there a Google Play Kindle equivalent?

Is there a device that's Google Play but like a Kindle? I'm not looking to get a full up computer/tablet/etc - I'm just looking for an ebook reader but I specifically need Google Play. Desired ...
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E ink ebook reader for PDF with Wi-Fi synchronization

I'm looking for a large (with 8 inches screen) ebook reader that will be used to read PDF documents. Additionally it should support storage synchronization via Wi-Fi using some generic method, not ...
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Device or gadget to read only comics/manga

I am in search of a device where I can only (and only) read manga or comics (color is preferable but I'm okay with black and white). Requirements: No youtube, browser, whatsapp, call facility! In ...
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Aspects of choosing an ebook reader for pdf files

I have taken a look at A4 size e-ink ebook readers for pdf files. I have found five models: SONY DPT RP1 Good e-reader 13.3" Onyx Boox Max Carta Dasung Icarus A4 And there is Remarkable, but that ...
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ipad sized notebook/tablet with e-ink screen and keyboard?

I'm not sure if this is the right stackexchange for this but here goes: I'm a writer (among other things), and I'm often on the go. It would be extremely helpful for me if I could write on a computer ...
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E-Reader for PDF files optimized for printing

I am looking for an E-Reader for reading scientific articles. The main difficulty I see here is, that most E-Readers seem to be optimzed for viewing scalable ePub files. However I need a device which ...
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E-Ink/E-Paper device with offline RSS reader

I'm looking for a Kindle-style reader device which supports offline RSS reading, either built-in or via a third-party app. It would ideally be a standard RSS reader app running on the device directly, ...
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Kindle or Kobo syncing content

I'm looking for an ereader that can easily sync content with a laptop. It should function similar to dropbox: copy a PDF in a folder, and it should upload automatically to the ereader - if wifi is ...
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E-book reader running only free/libre software

I need an e-book reader for reading books and documents while commuting by public transport. Required: The installed software (OS, firmware, everything) it ships with must be free/libre. No ...
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Kitchen-proof ebook reader for recipes

I'm looking for an e-book reader or tablet for use in a kitchen. Most of the recipes I use are in electronic form (saved web pages, scans of recipe cards, etc.), and running back and forth between ...
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Which products have a large E Ink Carta display?

The E Ink Carta is the electronic paper display used in the Amazon Kindle Voyage and latest generation Kindle Paperwhite ebook readers. It has 300ppi resolution, a very good contrast ratio and ...
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What is a good light-weight ebook reader?

Is there any nice light-weight e-book reader which is easy on the eye? Preferred specifications include: Display: Touch and (Something which is easy on the eye would be preferable) Decent battery ...
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Android ebook reader

I am looking for a new Android e-book reader. The primary requirements: OS: Officially supports Android v6. Weight: < 300gr, preferably < 250gr Price: < $250 Dimensions: not large (roughly ...
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