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For questions about devices that use, accept, or output signals to or from a Digital Video Interface device.

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Are ferrite cores / ferrite bead recommended on mini DP to VGA / DVI / HDMI adapters?

Near plugs of VGA or DVI cables is often a "plastic" cylinder containing ferrite to protect the signal from interferences. These are called "ferrite cores", "ferrite beads&...
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USB-C computer to DVI-d monitor connection options

I have Surface Go 2, that contains only one usb-c port. Currently I am using usb-c to usb 2.0 adapter connected with usb 2.0 hub with keyboard and mouse which are usb 2.0. Now I want to connect a ...
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Any idea if this GPU (Asus DUAL-RTX2060-O6G-EVO) has dual DVI?

I have an old monitor with a dual DVI-D input and was wondering whether this card is compatible: Asus DUAL-RTX2060-O6G-EVO I can see that it has the right DVI-D (digital) port, and that its maximum ...
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Nivdia graphic card no larger than 125mm supporting ray tracing which can work with pcie gen 3.0 and with dvi or hdmi video output

It s well known that graphic cards don t respect pcie standard size. And I just figured out that it can matter the $$ way. Well at least with that too large by 1 or 2 cm (whether considering the space ...
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What video port should I get for optimum resolution?

I have a MSI GTX 970 4G and recently a few pins in the HDMI port broke. The card has 3 other ports: Display Port, Dual link DVI-I and DVI-D. I sometimes alternate between monitor (1080@60) and TV (...
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Ethernet switch and usb-hub in one device

Want reduce the multiple devices&cables spaghetti on my desk. So, looking for an device with following (as most as possible) specification: 1-2 port Ethernet ports USB HUB (external powered!) ...
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DVI to DisplayPort, at 1080p@144hz

I have two monitors: Acer GN246HL. Each has a D-Sub, DVI and HDMI. My current video card (GTX 770) has two DVI slots, so this is not a problem I can get both at running 1080p 144hz. However, newer ...
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Long distance monitor connection options?

I’ve been asked to install a new monitor in an EMS (Ambulance) station. The monitor is by the garage doors, and needs to mirror another monitor connected to a computer on the other side of the garage. ...
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Finding DVI cables without ferrite beads / cores

Computer cables will often have clunky plastic cylinders at each end called "ferrite cores" or "ferrite beads" or "ferrite chokes". They look like this: Personally, I consider these things a bug, ...
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What are the differences between monitors inputs (HDMI, Display Port, DVI, VGA)? [closed]

These four are the main I/O that you see. What are the pros/cons for each? As far as I know HDMI 2.0 supports higher fps than earlier HDMI as well as that Display Port supports high fps. Besides ...
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