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For questions concerning a piece of hardware's ability to withstand extensive use in various ways.

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Laptop durability criterias

I am looking for a laptop for almost 24/7 operation in a hot environment (Greece). What are the criteria describing durable laptop? Metal body seems obvious, but anything else? Of course there are ...
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The most durable Wi-Fi router under 200$

I am looking for a Wi-Fi router, in the 100-200 $ price range, with the following characteristics: all ports are — Gigabit Ethernet guest Wi-Fi network option (in addition to home Wi-Fi network) it ...
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Hard disk case, similar to the included image

The quality of portable hard disks have been underwhelming for me, so I want to use datacenter hard disks to store my data (Some of my data are being accessed and overwritten frequently, so I need ...
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half mini/mini PCIe to PCIe Adapter

I'm looking for a 1x PCIe Adapter supporting half mini and mini PCIe wireless network card Quality components Transparent (No additional drivers needed etc) 3 antenna connector preferred (2 minimum) ...
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Universal power adapter for Europe grounded

I am looking to buy a 220v 10a Universal power adapter for Europe (Schuko type) i.e. something like this: The problem is that the majority of those, do not have the ground pin connected even if they ...
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Which manufacturer produces mice with high durability buttons?

My problem is that my computer mice always fail the same way - by malfunctioning main buttons! I do buy expensive optical cordless mice from Logitech since decades now. But it's always the same: ...
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WD Red vs Red Pro NAS Hard Drives

I'm looking for a DURABLE AND RELIABLE hard drive for a NAS and I've come to these bad boys.
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2 answers

Budget laptop for working (programming)

So I'm looking for a budget laptop for programming. I will be going abroad to finish my computer engineering degree and I'll need to have a good tool to do my work. I'd need it to be light and ...
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10 votes
2 answers

A portable workstation for 3D rendering

I am looking for a laptop that would be very high-end graphic wise, and that can be used for rendering and 3D modeling. There are a LOT of high-end laptop reviews out there, but most are gaming-...
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23 votes
4 answers

What is a durable laptop targeting a 10 year lifetime?

It seems these days people (and thus laptop manufacturers) don't care about how long a laptop lasts for, since I guess they don't care how wasteful it is to buy a new one every year or two. Well, I ...
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What's a good life-proof Android phone?

I'm quite a clumsy person and so for me phone durability is one the most important aspects for choosing a phone. Functionally the phone should be a standard high-end phone: Decent photos Responsive ...
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