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Questions tagged [drive-enclosure]

For questions about protective enclosures for hard drives of any type.

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Using U.3 drives in a desktop PC

I'm contemplating the use of U.3 drives in my next desktop PC build, although I have no direct experience with them. (The reason for considering them is largely because I want to be able to run at ...
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External HDD enclosure effect on transfer speed

I have a Western Digital Scorpio Blue (WD500BEVT) 2.5" 500 GB HDD which, as purchased years ago, is in an enclosure with a Mini-B USB connector (Yes, MINI). When I transfer files to/from my PC, I ...
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Measuring reliability on newer harddrives in usb 3 enclosures

I used to measure the reliability of my hard drives via S.M.A.R.T. (Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology), even for my external hard drives in USB enclosures. My newer hard drives that I ...
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Hardrive case with WiFi and/or Ethernet interface

The USB ports on my laptop have packed up. It will cost a few weeks that I don't have to get it repaired, not to mention the cost. I see that Western Digital, and others, are selling a "Personal ...
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External Enclosure for 2 SAS HDDs

I picked up a couple SAS HDDs that I would like to place in an external enclosure. However, I am struggling to find any that supports SAS HDDs. Does this exist? Could you please recommend any? I would ...
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USB3.0 RAID 1 enclosure that can be connected to my new router

I have wanted to set up a NAS for ages. I recently moved house and had to buy a new fibre modem/router. It has two USB 3.0 ports, and it'll be switched on all the time, so I figured it might be a low ...
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2.5 inch HDD enclosure with jumper pins?

So I have an old HP laptop which died years ago. I removed the 2.5 Seagate HDD and wanting to use it as external hdd. However I am confused as to what type of enclosure should be used. Fyi I have ...
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2-in-1 HDD Enclosure with Fan

I recently purchased Inland 3.5" USB 3.0 Hard Drive Enclosure with Fan. (SKU 410464). I like the $25.00 price, the sturdy full metal built chassi/case and the fact that it has a fan. It's not too bad, ...
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Looking for good external RAID enclosure

I am looking for an simple external RAID enclosure that meets the following specs: 3x 3.5" or more RAID5 JBOD compatible with 12 TByte drives compatible with Linux average performance not very loud (=...
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Hard disk case, similar to the included image

The quality of portable hard disks have been underwhelming for me, so I want to use datacenter hard disks to store my data (Some of my data are being accessed and overwritten frequently, so I need ...
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Ruggedized enclosure for 3.5" hard drives

I'm looking for a ruggedized enclosure for 3.5" hard drives. These exist for 2.5" drives (like this one), but I haven't seen one for 3.5" drives. My requirements: Disk enclosure for one 3.5" form-...
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need sata raid box/enclosure

I would like to attach a sata enclosure for RAID 5 with 5-6 drives (6TB each) that can connect at 6.0 GB speed to my workstation. I don't want to use USB 3.0. I understand I may need to buy a card ...
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Raid Enclosure Interface [closed]

I'm looking for a drive enclosure that can do RAID 0 and maybe RAID 5. All of the brand names run together on me, I have idea what brand to consider. As I understand, the fastest interface is USB 3....
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Looking for recommendations for external RAID enclosures

I am looking for an external enclosure that meets the following specs: 2.5" drive support is nominal, but 3.5" will work as adapters are readily available. SATA III to USB 3.0. 2 to 3 bay. Price ...
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HDD adapter with USB

I've been contemplating purchasing an HDD adapter. However, they all seem to be ~$20 which is too much for me. Requirements Price must be < $15 (Including shipping, not taxes). Must support USB 3....
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External SATA enclosure for multiple disks

I'm looking for an external SATA enclosure to host a minimum of 4 standard 3.5" form-factor SATA hard disks. I currently have a 4-disk enclosure from Vantec that uses a SATA port multiplier but has a ...
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