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Chromebook Hardware - Is a Motherboard Upgrade at all a possibility?

I have an ASUS Chromebook C202SA-YS02-GR (Chrome OS replaced with BIOS from MrChromebox.Tech and Linux Mint). The hardware specifications are garbage and barely run anything. Is it possible to either ...
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Purchasing Chromebook for Ubuntu installation and programming

I'm thinking of buying a new laptop. I want something cheap and light with a good battery life. I've owned Chromebooks in the past, and found they suited my needs then very well. However, since then I'...
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webcam with good microphone for low-volume voice for Chromebook and Windows PC

I am looking for recommendations for a webcam with good microphone for low-volume voice for Chromebook and Windows PC. Intended use: Zoom meetings. Audio: The person using it speaks in soft (low ...
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What benefit would I see with more than 4GB RAM in a Chromebook?

I am in the market for a Chromebook. This will be a second machine, like a Kindle Fire with a keyboard. I'm not imagining any kind of power use at all, just streaming, reading, word processing, ...
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Chromebook or laptop for programming

I'm searching a portable machine for programming and I don't know which is the best between laptop and chromebook. Requirements: At least a 5hr life battery I'll run linux (probably ubuntu or lubntu)...
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