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For questions about protective cases for hardware. Consider using the [enclosure] tag as well.

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What Current Motherboard Form Factors Will Fit An LPX Case?

I have an all in one PC from the mid-90s (Compaq Presario 3020 - See below). Based on the riser and from what I can measure (9" x 13"), it looks like an LPX form factor motherboard/case. I want to ...
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Carrying case for a device and some accessories

I'm looking for a storage case for the following collection of items (not including the ruler, which is just for reference in the photo): The item on the left is a USB KVM adapter, it is about 1" ...
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A new case for an old build

When I built my PC a year ago, I bought a really cheap case. It did not have USB 3.0 or audio on the front panel, and I regret it now. I already have new case fans for the thing, and it runs quietly, ...
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Choosing source of light in case. LED stripes or cold cathodes?

I ordered a new case for my ITX build it's Phanteks Enthoo Evolv ITX (white). I want to light it with cold white light but I have to choose a source of light. I have two favourites (both powered by ...
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Small security enclosures

I work in a co-working space and keep a small NAS, a micro-PC, a router and a few other small components running on my desk. While it's a safe space I'd like to add a bit more anti-theft security. ...
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My gaming build - any suggestions? [closed]

Before you ask why I would spend around $800-850 dollars on a pc, it is just for a video. I'm not actually buying the parts. (Though I wish I could build it; as I never got to before) I'm making ...
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Computer case access control?

Is it possible to know when someone open a computer case (hp server 1u), let's say in data center? Inside server is usb port which can be used as some kind of switch. That usb device would write to ...
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New Gaming System - Case [Romania]

I'm building a system to play the latest games at max settings at 1920x1080 and get as close to 30 FPS as possible within the budget. The trouble is that the website I'm buying from is in Romanian, ...
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Case to support EEB motherboard and dual ATX power-supplies

I am looking for a case to support my server build that will consist of an ASUS Z10PE-D8 motherboard and would like to incorporate two ATX/EPS PSU's along the lines of Corsair RM850i. It needs at ...
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Laptop carrying case for 15 inch laptop

I have an old Targus carrying case that was gifted by my employer a long time ago. It's decent, but bulky. I'm looking for a case that can hold a 15 inch laptop, plus a few additional things (safety ...
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Case for a Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 10.1 inch tablet

I have a Galaxy Tab 4, 10.1 inch tablet that is in need of a case. I am looking for a case that is similar to one I had on my Asus Transformer. Criteria: Hard cover folds over the screen Opens in ...
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Computer case for new college build

I am going to be building a computer for a college student. He is going into general engineering while he figures out exactly what he wants to do. The budget for this computer is about $1500 USD (just ...
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Can the Streacom FC8's heat pipes accomodate a Thin-ITX motherboard

I'd like to use an Asus H81T motherboard for my next desktop, and wanted a fanless case for it. I found the Akasa Euler and Streacom FC8 and the FC8 is the clear winner since it gives me enough room ...
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Recommendation for "thin tower PC cases"

I want to buy a gaming PC to place next to my TV. To give it the best air intake, and given the (little) space available in the room I have decided to buy a case that I can place vertically. Ideally, ...
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