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Questions about calculators, from basic four-function to programmable graphing calculators (but not including general computing devices or mobile phones).

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Solar powered Smartwatches

Solar powered calculator Similar to Solar powered calculator, are there Smartwatches powered by Solar cells? If Yes, Is it feasible to design & manufacture Solar powered Smartwatches?
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Graphing calculator suitable for programmers?

My old Texas TI-83 is dying on me after some 20 years of extensive use. It served me well, but it's quite crude when it comes to programming-related arithmetic. Specifically binary/dec/hex conversions,...
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Laser rangefinder (laser tape) for indoor - low range but high accuracy

Looking for a recommendation from users who personally tested some laser rangefinders (laser-tape). (So do not want recommendations based on the device specifications - (marketing blabla)) Criteria: ...
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Graphing calculator for AP Calculus?

I'm taking an AP Calculus AB class, for which I need a graphing calculator. Requirements: Last for a reasonably long time (measured in weeks with ~1hr/day of medium use) on batteries, I don't want ...
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