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Questions tagged [automation]

For questions about devices that enable or facilitate the automation of tasks that usually require human input.

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Looking for a Z-Wave compatible wall plug with Australian/NZ pins

I am using Fibaro server (HC3) for Automation. I have been using the Aeotec wall plugs (for floor lamps) but they have becoming more and more unreliable, even after updating the firmware. The Fibaro ...
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What is the best choice for car speedometer? [closed]

For a while, I am wondering to develop a car speedometer screen. There are so many free open source choices (Qt sample, raspberry Pi, etc ). All these free solutions are based on a CPU and operating ...
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Hardware Suggestion: SIM Card Gateway - Receive Shortcodes

Im looking for a solution to where I can utilize a gateway to manage 64+ SIM cards to receive US SMS Shortcodes. I’ve not found equipment that specifically states it has this feature. And I’ve seen ...
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LED Lighting Automation + Bluetooth

I am looking for a LED light and a wall switch that are both connected to each other via Bluetooth. I would like the switch to be able to toggle the light on/off, but I don't want the switch ...
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Smart Home: controlled power receptacles

I want to get power receptacles controlled via web and buttons. Specifications: I need an one-room system, wireless. Electric power system here is bad for signal transferring. WiFi (Z Wave, ZigBee,...
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Looking for programmable controller for linear actuators for use in a standing desk

I'm trying to build a sit-stand desk solution with motors that can be controlled by a computer. I've found some good instructions for building your own electric height adjustable desk here, however, ...
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Automated controller for outdoor use

I need a recommendation on a controller to use, which will automatically cause a water flushing system to turn on and off at certain times. I have played around with a LOGO! PLC but it is turning out ...
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Which automatic HDMI-switch with RCA audio-out will fit my needs?

I would like advise on what specific HDMI switch I should buy. Here I assume a special HDMI switch will solve my problem, but I could be wrong. My requirements: I'd like a switch with a minimum of ...
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4 votes
2 answers

Network controlled HDMI switch

Looking for an HDMI switch that has at least 4 inputs (1 output) and can be controlled/automated (preferably over Ethernet). The budget is highly flexible so long as the minimum requirements are met. ...
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Indoor drone with an automatic docking/charging procedure

I want a good indoor drone that also has a docking station at which it gets charged. Ideally it would have this part automated with sensors so you could tell it to land when it's hovering over the ...
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Cheap Wi-Fi + small mono display + a couple of buttons

I am working on a one-off home automation project for personal use. The software is not in question (i.e., I can write the software to drive pretty much any kind of hardware out there). I will have 2 ...
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14 votes
2 answers

Standing desk with ability to raise/lower?

I have been wanting a better desk for many months. Pretty much my only requirements are: Desk must move up/down Must have some sort of continuous mechanism for this (ie not just every 2 inches, etc) ...
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