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Use when you're asking about the quality of audio output a device produces.

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MOSFET RCA source switcher

I was advised on another Stack Exchange site to get a MOSFET RCA source switcher, which shouldn't introduce any noise when switching sources. Unfortunately I was not able to find examples of such ...
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Finding good wireless earphones with ear-hooks and a connecting cable

Over the years, I've come to settle on a particular style of earphone. They look like this: The key features are that they are wireless, have a hook that goes over the ear, have soft tips that go ...
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Sony WF 1000MX3 vs Oneplus Buds Pro

As you can know on 2/10/2021, price of Oneplus Buds pro and Sony WF 1000MX3 are similar on which is around ₹10,000. I'm confused which one to buy. My preference: Sound Quality (For music) ...
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Low cost tablet just to watch videos with at least a 25cm (10") screen - any OS

I'm looking for a cost-efficient tablet just to watch videos. So the most important things are: Great screen, at least 25cm (10") diameter, viewable at a reasonably wide angle (an angle similar ...
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Are there any truly wireless earbuds that support A2DP while using the microphone?

I'm finally catching up w/ the 21st century and bought my first pair of truly wireless earbuds: the Sony WF-1000XM3. My issue is that audio quality degrades significantly when I connect them to my ...
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Can we record audio in PC (not Android) using wireless headsets (inbuilt mic)?

I would like to know whether we can record audio in PC (again, not Android) using wireless headsets(inbuilt mic) which use bluetooth for connectivity. I am casting doubt because I read that they can ...
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Are any onboard sound interfaces finally good enough for recording?

I am a music lover shopping for a new A/V computer. For twenty years (!!) I have been using an M-Audio "Audiophile 2496" PCI sound interface for recording from vinyl at home. I don't need any of the ...
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Share digital audio between computers

So my situation is that I have two computers. One is my laptop that goes everywhere with me and is a sort of workhorse rig. The other is my gaming desktop rig. I have one set of USB headphones that I ...
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Small Speaker for audio-out from 24" monitor or AppleTV

I am looking for a simple solution for a (stereo) speaker. I have a monitor that takes HDMI input from an AppleTV (3rd Gen). The Monitor does not have build in speakers, neither has the AppleTV. The ...
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USB headset with good headphone quality and comfort?

I am on a headset for work several hours each day. I also listen to music extensively at work. I currently listen to Sennheiser HD 380 headphones. My headset is pretty low quality comparatively. ...
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Good, cheap microphone for speech / voice recording?

I'm looking for a good microphone for recording speech (eg. for podcasts, although it might be used for other things too), ideally for under $30. I'm looking for something that: Has minimal hiss ...
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Earphone recommendation with good cost-to-benefit ratio

I've been searching for a good earphone for years but they always stop working after a few months. Sometimes its cable simply tears off, disconnects from the 'head' or starts malfunctioning. There was ...
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