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For questions about hardware that takes in one form of audio signal or connector, and output another.

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Charging USB-C phone from USB Battery Charing Specification supply and connect wired headphones

Trains and buses are often fitted with USB A power outlets, which presumably comply with the USB Battery Charing Specification, and often do not also have domestic voltage power outlets. I also have a ...
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MOSFET RCA source switcher

I was advised on another Stack Exchange site to get a MOSFET RCA source switcher, which shouldn't introduce any noise when switching sources. Unfortunately I was not able to find examples of such ...
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Cannot determine from description if selected internal PCI sound card would fit inside a Small Form Factor PC

The internal default speaker works but no signal for sound jacks for external amplified speakers. I wish to try two possible solutions. Solutions 1a. check if this already ordered internal PCI sound ...
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3.5mm jack to USB C converter?

I have a pair of USB-C active noise cancelling headphones, and I'd like to use them with the in-flight entertainment system of an airplane. A typical in-flight entertainment system comes with either ...
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Convert from Smart TV eARC or SPDIF to front, left, center & sub 3.5mm cables

I have an old 5.1 sound system (Desktop Theater 5.1 by Cambdrige Soundworks) that was designed for connection to a PC, it's input is via 3 3.5mm audio jacks (one for front, one for rear, and one for ...
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Device to remove loud pops when plugging in audio equipment?

This question explains the electronics of the problem, and several solutions to fix it by DIY'ing a solution. I am worried that these crazy loud pops will damage my speakers. I run into this problem ...
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How do I know if a headphone jack is OMTP or CTIA?

Say for example I have these headphones with microphone - How do I know if the headphone jack is OMTP or CTIA? And which of ...
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PS5/PC Audiomixer

I have a PS5, a PC, Speakers and a Headset. I'm looking for a device to connect all these together. I want to hear the audio of PS5 and PC at the same time with my Headset or Speakers. A button to ...
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Searching for cable which links Senheiser headphone directly to computer over 3.5 mm jacket

I have a Senheiser HD 559 which comes with a cable that has an 6.3 mm jack connection. Now I wanna connect this heaphone to a normal PC with a 3.5 mm female jacket. Unfortunately every (and with every ...
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USB (A or C) to TOSLINK Adapter for Linux

I am searching for a USB (A or C male) to TOSLINK Adapter (female) in order to keep my audio signal digital as long as possible. What is important that I do not need to install specific drivers (this ...
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3.5mm Audio extension

One of my friends has problems with the 3.5mm audio jacks on the front of his PC. He's not technical enough to look into fixing those and what that implies. With lockdown all over the place, it's hard ...
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Want unified audio hub: PC, laptop, tablet, landline, cellphone, headphones, mic, mixer for telework, vlog, gaming

I have a PC/Mac, laptop, tablet, and MP3 player set up on a multi-port desktop mixer box. (Several brands to choose from: Maker Hart, Moukey, Behringer, Mackie Mix, etc.) I choose not to go USB or ...
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Solution to my "Work From Home" Office Phone Setup

My job uses a cloud-based PBX system that I can access from home by dialing into it with my cell phone. I, like most of the modern world, no longer use a landline in my home. I have an iPhone 7 plus ...
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Hardware device to change musical tuning in the fly

I am looking for a proper and recommended device to change musical tuning in the fly. Let's say that I want some kind of music corrector connected to my home sound system and re-tune music playing at ...
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Are any onboard sound interfaces finally good enough for recording?

I am a music lover shopping for a new A/V computer. For twenty years (!!) I have been using an M-Audio "Audiophile 2496" PCI sound interface for recording from vinyl at home. I don't need any of the ...
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What adapter do I need to connect the headphone to a laptop and a smartphone? [closed]

A friend of mine has a Dell Vostro 3568 laptop. Here are the screenshots of msinfo32 command: msinfo32 output1, msinfo32 output2. The audio port looks like this: audio part screenshot1, audio part ...
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Cable replacement - Headset to PC

I am looking for a cable, and I can't find it at all at any store. The cable has : one pin going to the headset(on the right). The other two are the normal Mic(middle) and Out for audio(left) of a PC. ...
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Device for multiple output to home theater system

I have a home theater system, A PC, and a PS4. Every time I switch between using the PC and the PS4, I have to unplug the 3.5mm input for the speaker between the PS4 and the PC. This is frustrating ...
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Share digital audio between computers

So my situation is that I have two computers. One is my laptop that goes everywhere with me and is a sort of workhorse rig. The other is my gaming desktop rig. I have one set of USB headphones that I ...
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Headset (for XBox gaming) with adjustable sidetone

tl;dr: (Thanks to fred_dot_u) I'm looking for a gaming headset with adjustable sidetone, for use on an XBox One. One of my kids has gotten into online gaming with friends on XBox One using a Logitech ...
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Adjust fade on pc

I know this question is vague but I'm trying to find a way to connect regular speakers with red and black connectors to my PC and be able to adjust fade (front and back), in addition to balance, for ...
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What kind of output is this? [closed]

I know I have seen it before, on older Tv's, was wondering what to look for to convert it to optical.
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Plugging a 3-cable 5.1 speaker system into a single 3.5mm jack

I have an older Logitech 5.1 speaker system for my computer that uses 3x3.5mm plugs for input. All of my newer computers only have a single 3.5mm output that handles 5.1 + voice (apparently I was ...
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Decent, simple audio interface / external soundcard?

I'm currently during the week at one place (A) and during the weekend at another (B) and have to take my soundcard with me so I can use my surround system + headset at place A and my headset at place ...
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Computer audio solution with sidetone

I'm looking for an audio board or USB dongle that has proper sidetone. I don't use a headset with integrated mic because I don't like the bad sound quality. Instead I have a separate desk microphone ...
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Self-powered bluetooth receiver with 3.5mm TRS (often: "universal stereo adapter")

I'm seeking recommendations for a self-powered (rechargeable) Bluetooth receiver with an integrated 3.5mm male TRS plug. It's a stand-alone device which enables use of Bluetooth headphones/speakers ...
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Multiple line in or RCA sound inputs

I basically want to setup my Linux computer to record multiple Line ins. The problem is I have only one line in input in my sound card. I need multiple Line in or RCA audio inputs. I'm looking for ...
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Bluetooth Cassette Adapter with Long Battery Life

I've been looking for an inexpensive device to get my car to play songs from my phone. I've got a wired cassette adapter, but the wires inevitably break (I have a teen that uses it too). I found ...
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Headset combo jack adapter

I have an HP Envy 15t laptop computer. I recently purchased the Creative Fatal1ty headset for my computer, and because the HP Envy only has a headphone/microphone combo jack I purchased this adapter. ...
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