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Questions tagged [assistive-technology]

For questions related to technology used to enable a person with a disability to use a computing device.

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0 answers

Audio assistant that works without the Internet

This question on Reddit describes my situation better than I could: [...] Voice recognition? Cool [...] But I'm a huge internet privacy advocate, all my stuff is self-hosted, secure out the ass, ...
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9900k Cooler Limited To 155mm

i'm after a cooling solution to a 9900k, I haven't bought the parts yet, but my case is the one i'm using currently. I'm after an air cooler, however the case has a limit of 155mm of clearance. I've ...
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2 votes
0 answers

Device that is just mouse buttons and scroll wheels

Question I'm searching for a device that is simply a box that acts as a USB mouse, with these A web-search for "mouse button box" returns pages with this $125 assistive technology device, but it's ...
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Upgrades to a computer system for the disabled [closed]

My wife has no use of her upper limbs but is a very keen computing enthusiast, like myself. Recently she celebrated her 25th birthday and I bought her a brand new computer knowing how much she loves ...
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6 votes
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Computer-vision hardware for the blind and deaf blind

I am looking for a hardware device which will allow a blind person to simply navigate in 3D space alerting to object types and giving options for feet and hands (feet first). Use a special five-stop ...
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20 votes
3 answers

Computer (of any type) without screen, for bed-ridden blind person

I want to buy a computer/laptop/tablet/whatever-computing-device for a blind user who’ll operate it while lying in bed. It will primarily be used for plain text notes, emails, browsing the Web, and ...
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