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Which Wifi 6E internal antenna?

This thread is related to this one, so maybe taking a quick look at it may be useful. Recently, I've changed my AC3160NGW to an AX210NGW, precisely, this one. And, although the Bluetooth functionality ...
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Which outdoor antenna can I use for mr400 TP-Link router?

Due to lack of other options, I was forced to use a 4G router. Currently I am using the MR400. Because the router is located in a building, we note that it receives little data. A ping, for example, ...
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1 answer

Which LTE antennas to buy for a passive repeater?

I want to improve the LTE signal that I receive indoor where I work and after some researching I'm thinking about a passive LTE repeater (Outdoor Antenna <--> Cable <--> Indoor Antenna). ...
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Does a laptop antenna need to be marked as “6Ghz” to work with a WiFi 6E card?

I bought a new Wi-Fi card for my laptop. The card has Wi-Fi 6E and Bluetooth 5. I need to also replace the old 1x1 antenna with a 2x2 antenna. However, I can't seem to find any internal laptop ...
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Is it safe to position a dual-antenna WiFi USB adapter on the top of a computer case?

I have a Tp-Link Archer TX20U Plus dual-antenna USB adapter, connected via USB cable to my desktop workstation, and I'd like to know if it's safe to position it on the top of the case of my ...
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Strong unidirectional wi-fi receiver transmitter antennae

What would be a good unidirectional wifi transmitter receiver? I want to be able to talk with a wifi router roughly 20 metres away through two walls, without letting the signal spread in the ...
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Minimum effort satellite dish WiFi antenna

I've recently moved into a cabin which is about 100 feet from a standard WiFi router. My computer's antenna is good enough to get signal from the router but an antenna would improve the reliability of ...
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Cheap SMA antenna for this ADS-B (aircraft info) receiver

This looks like a lovely little toy, but I am unclear which antenna to use with it , and those on the site cost more than double the price of the receiver itself. It collects ADS-B (aircraft info) ...
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