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For questions asking for hardware used to control the volume of an audio input.

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Av Receiver or other device that can Miracast to a projector?

I am looking at the ZTE Spro 2 projector. This is an android projector that can accept a Miracast broadcast from another device such as a mobile phone. Are there any AV receivers/hi-fis or other ...
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Replacement bedroom amplifier

So recently I bought a second hand 5.1 surround sound set for the bedroom. As it turns out random people online can't always be trusted and one of the outputs on the amplifier didn't work. The set in ...
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AV Receiver with 3-5 TOSLINK ports and remote (NOT IR) control

I am looking for the not very expensive receiver. The main things I am interested in: 5.1-7.1 support As much TOSLINK (optical) ports as possible Possibility to control it without IR (RS232, TCP/LAN, ...
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Good amp for bookshelf 6 ohm speakers

I'm new to speaker amplifiers and have been reading up on them. Basically, I need an amp that preferably can deliver about 30 wattsx2 at 6 ohms, has treble&bass controls, and has a nice sound ...
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USB powered Headphone Amplifier/Splitter w/ Separate Volume Control

I need something similar to what James asked here, e.g. a headphone amp/splitter with separate output volume controls and 3.5 jacks for in and outs, but I have slight different needs: it must be USB ...
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Receiver that can mix inputs?

I've tried to Google and searching on sites like Amazon, perhaps I don't know the right keywords. I am looking for a receiver that can mix multiple inputs. Right now I have a cheap, passive analog ...
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