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Name for settable alarm device that works like restaurant buzzer/pager, but smartphone controlled?

Just got this question closed at SuperUser, so I hope I'll have more luck here. I'm trying to help some elderly relatives, that cannot hear nor remember well. They had remembered that at a certain ...
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Alarm Clock streaming internet radio

I live in a region where I don't have the luxury to have my radio channels of choice on the FM band, but I am addicted to waking up with the chatter of the radio. Do you know of any well-designed ...
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android bedside alarm clock

I once had an archos 35 home connect android alarm clock and I want sth. like that again. I know the xoro and orbsmart products, anything else? It should be the combination of a cheap android phone ...
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Where can I find a minute timer watch with rotating face? [closed]

To improve my productivity, I’ve been looking for a watch with a minute timer to force myself to complete tasks on time (e.g. 15,30,45…min). Requirements: Timer should be set via a rotating face: ...
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Low-light Quiet Alarm Clock

I'm looking for a new alarm clock. My wife is hyper-sensitive to lights in the bedroom, but we both like to know what time it is without having to reach over to the nightstand (this seems to make it ...
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