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Adaptive technology is an “add-on” for an existing technology to help disabled individuals access that technology. Examples include speech recognition software and screen reader apps, Braille keyboards and printers.

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Dictation tablet with Google Live Transcribe for hearing impaired

I'd like to find a solution for my grandpa who's severely hearing impaired to help him participating in the daily life. More specifically, I thought about an on-the-fly speech to text recognition with ...
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How do head-tracking devices SmartNav, TrackerPro, HeadMouse Extreme, & HeadMaster compare in terms of mouse and cursor vs movement accuracy?

I am looking for a head-controlled mouse controlled with neck movements. I have found SmartNav (400 to 600 USD) [discontinued], TrackerPro (1550 USD), HeadMouse Extreme/Nano (995 USD), HeadMaster (?? ...
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