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Questions tagged [4g]

For questions about devices using the fourth-generation (4G) high-bandwidth wireless mobile communication standard created in 2008.

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2 answers

Which outdoor antenna can I use for mr400 TP-Link router?

Due to lack of other options, I was forced to use a 4G router. Currently I am using the MR400. Because the router is located in a building, we note that it receives little data. A ping, for example, ...
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1 answer

Which LTE antennas to buy for a passive repeater?

I want to improve the LTE signal that I receive indoor where I work and after some researching I'm thinking about a passive LTE repeater (Outdoor Antenna <--> Cable <--> Indoor Antenna). ...
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High range outdoors router?

I have a MikroTik SXT LTE6 kit which I need a router for, to extend range. The reason being is because the place where I need the actual wifi coverage to be might/will be out of my LTE access point's ...
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1 vote
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USB-powered 4G modem with ethernet port, WITHOUT WiFi

I'm looking for a reliable 4G modem with an RJ45 port (for a device I'd like to connect to the internet) that can be powered by USB (max 1amp, ideally) and doesn't have WiFi (or supports switching it ...
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Mobile Router with automatic APN setting

I am looking for a Mobile Router Hotspot. Something similar to like a Netgear Nightawk M1 Mobile Router (MR1100) that is not branded by a carrier like Verizon or ATT or others. Something I can ...
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Rugged battery powered 4G/LTE WiFi hotspot with internal antenna, recommendations?

I've been searching a lot on the internet for a rugged battery powered 4G/LTE WiFi hotspot with internal antenna. Can't seem to find any suitable alternatives. Need to know if anybody else knows about ...
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2 votes
0 answers

4G Mobile Router with API

I'm looking for a 4G router that has SMS features I can access programmatically via an API, e.g. to send and receive SMS etc. The nearest I have found so far is a Huaweii router that I can access the ...
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Gigabit LTE mobile routers with ethernet

I'm looking for a replacement for my Nighthawk M1 which I just returned. There doesn't seem to LTE-only replacements, the Nighthawk M1 (Cat 16) and M2 (Cat 20) seem to be the only ones with over Cat 9 ...
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1 vote
3 answers

Small (<4") smartphone with 4G

I nearly always have my smartphone with me, but hardly ever use it, I prefer my 10" tablet. However I sometimes want to check calendar, mail, banking, weather radar and such. I use a belt holster and ...
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2 answers

Phone with physical keypad and hotspot

Looking for the simplest possible cell-phone with following features: physical keypad (like the old phones before the iPhone era) simple phone-book - like old Nokia phones and like... allows phone ...
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0 answers

4G router with low ping?

i'm looking for a 4G router that would provide low ping times. any suggestions? i don't care about the price, size, portability, or looks, that's irrelevant. any 4G router that a can provide a great ...
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1 answer

Discrete mobile internet browsing

I'm looking for a way to connect to the internet through 4G/LTE and have the ability to secure my own traffic, browse primarily text-based sites (read: I don't need serious media streaming capability),...
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0 answers

Linux compatible LTE/4G modem WITH voice and texting support

As one of probably many around the world, I managed to get a decent internet package with my mobile phone, and like to use that on my PC as well. The ISP doesn't mind this as long as data usage stays ...
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2 answers

2-in-1 phablet/laptop - detachable keyboard, long battery life, 3G/4G sim slot

Those are the requirements: Sim slot for mobile broadband Detachable keyboard, preferably with additional battery Good for multimedia/surfing Weight in tablet config so that woman can hold it for a ...
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Cheap Wifi Router with built-in 4G modem and openvpn support

I'm looking for a router with the following specifications: Wireless N OpenVPN client support (to connect to an openvpn access server) Built in 3G/4G Modem with SIM slot (3G: 850MHz/2100MHz, 4G: ...
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2 votes
0 answers

Verizon-compatible USB data card with send/receive SMS support

Some time ago, I had successfully used both 3G and 4G USB data cards on Verizon's network for mobile data access, as well as being able to natively send and receive SMS messages. Verizon's only ...
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What is an appropriate 4G/LTE repeater for home use?

Inside our house I only usually get an H or H+ signal, or sometimes 3G but when I go outside, I get a fast 4G signal. I plan to buy a repeater so that I will get the same 4G signal inside. I already ...
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4G router for home use?

A family member is moving into a new home soon, and for various reasons I've recommended that they purchase a 4G router instead of continuing to use landline broadband: Mobile data is insanely cheap- ...
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