I need a short HDMI cable (Male-Male) to connect a Raspberry PI 3B+ to a HDMI Switch (the monitor is shared between the Raspberry and a PC). It should have 10 cm or maximum 20 cm and I have difficulties finding such thing. When searching for it, I land on pages for products like micro HDMI cables, HDMI to VGA adapter cables or even HDMI extension cords. There is a good store in the area where I live specialized only in cables for electronics and the shortest HDMI cable they have is 50 cm.

I guess I'm not the only one who has to share a monitor between a PC and a micro computer like Raspberry PI so a good answer to this question might be quite useful.

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While I don't know what country you're in so I can't be sure of this suggestion, these offerings are available on UK Amazon (1) (2).

I found these with a search for "Short HDMI Cable 0.1m". There were a lot of offerings at 0.25m, but these were the only ones I could see shorter than that.

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