I got a 22" monitor in my bed (it is hanged on the wall), it is connected to the computer using a HDMI cable, which can carry sound signal too. My problem is that my monitor doesn't have an audio out connector, so I can't plug my headphones in it.

And then, I need a device that can take the HDMI signal and split it in two: - send the HDMI signal to the monitor - provide an audio out 3.5 mm socket so I can connect my headphones in it

and then, the device should contain the following connectors: - HDMI in, to recieve the signal from the computer - HDMI out to connect to the monitor - or simply a short HDMI plug - stereo 3.5 mm audio socket so I can connect my headphones in it

The device should be small enough so I can stick it to the back of the monitor.

Is there any device like this?

If not, then I probably need a computer monitor with audio out - this should be a common feature already, since the monitors with HDMI can already receive audio signals, so they should also offer that signal using an audio out connector.

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You'd probably need a

  • HDMI to HDMI + Audio like this.
  • This one should be coupled with a RCA Male to 3.5mm adapter example.

with this setup you also need two HDMI cables.

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    So it's called HDMI Audio Extractor, that's what I needed to know. I prefer one that uses a single cable. To connect to the monitor, it should feature a HDMI plug, just like any HDMI cable - and then I can simply hang it by plugging it in to the monitor. I notice that such devices exist - for example this one - thanx a lot!
    – BearCode
    Commented Sep 30, 2018 at 21:19

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