I am seeking recommendations for a field monitor, with screen size around 7 inches

  • which can be used live with the Sony DSC HX60 camera on a tripod,
  • while connecting to the camera's HDMI out port, and
  • which can be viewed from in front of the camera.

(Note: I have read the advice regarding what kinds of question are acceptable here, including this meta question. My conclusion was that this question is all right, given the advice in @Undo's accepted and second most-favoured answer which defines "hardware" as "any primarily electronic item that can perform more than one task, designed to interface with, connect to, or be, a primary computing platform in day-to-day operation", and a "primary computer system" as "any primarily electronic item that can perform meaningful tasks on its own with minimal external support, and designed to be operated by a user, consumer or professional"; and given his reference to a microphone as a device that can perform more than one task. A digital camera meets the criteria for being a "primary computer system", and if a microphone can perform more than one task then so can a field monitor. On top of this, the question also meets the requirements suggested in @Cfinley's most-favoured but not accepted answer, in which he expresses the view that things are on-topic that are specifically designed to be used with hardware - a term he doesn't define, but which according to @ArtOfCode's accepted answer to this question should be taken to include digital cameras.)

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