This is a simplified model of our network:

LAN1                                           LAN2
+-------------------------------+              +--------------------------+
|                               |              |                          |
| +---+  eth  +----+   wl  +--+ |  +--------+  | +---+  eth  +----------+ |
| |NAS+-------+RASP+-------+AP+----+INTERNET+----+DSL+-------+OPENWRT/AP| |
| +---+       +----+       +--+ |  +--------+  | +---+       +----------+ |
|                               |              |                          |
+-------------------------------+              +--------------------------+

LAN1 and LAN2 are currently completely separated (no VPN, ssh, etc.), each running Syncthing within their realm. I would be very grateful, if you can give me recommendations for replacing the following units:

  1. Raspberry Pi: Runs Syncthing and serves the NAS files to LAN1. It needs to be replaced with something more reliable.
  2. OpenWRT/AP: This is a blue Linksys with OpenWRT, an early model with not enough disk space. It is not running Syncthing.

Ideally, they should be replaced by 2 units of the same model.


The criteria for the new units replacing the OpenWRT/AP and Raspberry Pi are:

  • Must: Reliable (max. 1h/week downtime, i.e. approx. 99% uptime)
  • Must: Has Ethernet and WiFi
  • Must: No SD card as storage
  • Must: Able to run Syncthing
  • Must: Able to run FreeBSD or OpenBSD
  • Must: Costs max. 100 EUR/120 USD per device
  • Optional: Max. horizontal size 14 x 11 cm, height variable

Researched Solutions

  • Ubiquiti airRouter: Has PoE, can be used as a client, but can't host Syncthing
  • PC Engines Alix/APU boards: Good for BSD, but too expensive
  • GL.iNet AR150: Good size, but runs OpenWRT
  • Ubiquiti EdgeRouter Lite: Does not have WiFi

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