I have a 2-floor house, the router is located on the first floor.
On the second floor, the reception is a bad in some rooms and better in others.
I'm looking Amplifier/Router that can receive network cable and publish it as WIFI.
And in the same device, I'm looking for a way to receive wifi and publish it better.
I prefer Xiomi products.



There are many offerings that should suffice. I have a Netgear Wifi extender which has a Gigabit network port, which directly addressesyour question:


But you may also want to consider a Wifi Homeplug - Again, I also have a Netgear offering; you get a powerline adapter/homeplug at one end, and another plug that also has a built-in Wifi access point for the other end.


In this case, the Wifi is only N-standard rather than AC, but the benefit is that you don't need to run cable through the house.


You should look for Wi-Fi repeaters or extenders. You don't need a network cable for this. Xiaomi has them but there are other companies too Xiami Wi-Fi Repeater

Here's from another company (Netgear) Netgear Wi-Fi Repeater

  • Thanks, But I want to have both of the options as written on the question. Cable and WIFI. Thanks
    – Shazam
    Aug 26 '18 at 13:41

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