I have 2 NAS (Acer EasyStore H340) with dead power supply. After googling to find the reference of the power supply, I found a german site with a compatible power supply unit:

enter image description here

After google translating the description, it describes the connectors as such :

Output plug: 20 + 4pin ATX (P1 and 24 are side by side plugged into the motherboard as shown in the picture), 4pin 12V, 8pin Acer special plug for backplane

It seems there is a special plug (seen on the right of the picture) with square holes. The power supply unit seems expansive (and shipping to my country seems complicated) so I was wondering if a "standard" one could work.

The special connector powers the card managing the disks (4 disks) as can be seen on this picture:

enter image description here

Is there any power supply compatible with such connectors?

  • The special (or 'proprietary') connector won't be found on standard power supplies. However, it you take a picture of that connector from the side, showing the cabling which goes into each of those pins, and click edit to post that picture into your question, we may be able to determine more. – K7AAY Apr 24 at 15:51

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