I'm currently searching some bluetooth headphones to take with me when going to the gym. Problem with that is, all the ones I found so far are in-ear headphones (compare pic below), which I absolutly hate to stick in my ears. It always kind of hurts and my eyes immediately start to water a little. Some of them also include these winged tips. These I have no problem with.

Can anyone suggest me some bluetooth headphones, which are good for the gym? The fact that im pointing out the gym-asprect is the noise isolation. At the moment I'm using regular Apple Earpods, which sound okayish, but don't provide any isolation at all. I always have to pump up the volume in order to drown the music playing in the gym and other background noises. That's obviously very bad for your ears, hence I'm searching for better alternatives.

I thought about maybe taking the Bose Soundsports for a test, since they don't seem to go as far into the ear canal as other in-ear headphones. Can anybody recommend them by any chance?

I hope my question is clear, if not feel free to ask. It's my first one on here :D

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