Trying to find out what cpu upgrades I could possibly do for my Toshiba satellite l675d, everything I read made sense then I read more and now I'm just confused. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


That computer uses generation 4 (the final generation) of Socket S1. There's a complete list of processors which can be used on your board on this site.

Please note that nearly all of these CPUs are going to be, effectively, a lateral change (especially now). An upgrade for that computer is basically a new computer.

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Upgrading the CPU on a laptop is near impossible. Even if you could physically replace the CPU with another socket-compatible model, there is no guarantee it would work. Laptops are not designed to be upgraded, so consequently, OEMs can heavily lock down the hardware and the firmware - it is entirely possible that your machine is geared entirely to the original CPU, thus even if a new chip worked, it would not be able to realise the expected improvements.

And again, even if you could do this, the benefit would be near-neglible. When you are facing an army of modern tanks, replacing your horse with a better horse won't do you any good!

The tech on this laptop is obsolete, so either work within it's limited capability or put it out of its misery and buy a modern replacement.s

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