I am creating a semi-compact computer desk with a computer built into it. Although I have many questions about this subject, I believe it is best to start with the motherboard. The computer will be running simulations and very large programs, and a want smoothness and quick processing. I also want it to run in Linux, in case that changes anything. the best recommendation I have been given is the GIGABYTE Z370, but I wanted to check in with the experts before I make this final, since gaming requires different specs than what I am looking for.

Update 2018-03-30: I realized that "AI's and simulations" is very vague; I would opt towards mostly GPU based programs, so running multiple scenarios and branched AI's. I hope this clears up the question.

  • What kind of simulations is this computer going to be running? Are the AI, for example, configured to run "scenario branches" in parallel (which would make a multi-core processor more useful)? – Bennett Yeo Mar 30 '18 at 8:09
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    This kind of comes down to whether you will be running most of your processing on a GPU (Ex. Artificial Intelligence) or CPU (Ex. More traditional simulations). If you will be processing mainly on a GPU, you will want a Motherboard with as many Physical PCIe x16 slots, to add more GPUs as needed. If you are processing mainly on a CPU, you will want to invest in a higher end socket (X299, TR4, Even a Dual Socket board) to maximize performance. – MrPublic Mar 30 '18 at 15:28

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