I want to find a tiny camera or camera module that can stream its videos via Bluetooth or other wireless technology. I want to use that camera as an accessory that can be attached to a body part. The video quality is not important. Important is that I can stream the videos with a mobile device via wireless technology while carrying this camera as an accessory. Any suggestions?

P.S. You can also suggest two separate parts that I could put together to achieve this goal, e.g. camera and bluetooth module separately.

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Not Bluetooth, but wifi, therefore it qualifies for "other wireless technology, the "aiball" camera comes in as a candidate. Available on Amazon, as well as a few other locations, it doesn't come in with high praises via the reviews.

aiball camera

Here's the better part of this answer. Once you visit the Amazon link, you see other small wireless cameras that may give you the solution in a better manner than the aiball cam.

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