1. full-sized SD card does not stick out of card readers' case
  2. detachable cable (connected to card reader via micro-USB A or USC C, mini-USB B may also be acceptable)
  3. matte case without glossy parts


  1. black color (or other dark color)
  2. sturdy case (metal or hard plastic)

does not matter:

  1. price
  2. brand
  3. whether any extra functions make it bigger (unless it is bigger than 230W power brick from gaming notebook) EDIT: now want it to be smaller than Sony MRWE90/BC1 XQD

for example, HDD enclosures listed below would fit the bill if they would accept SD cards instead of (or in addition to) 2.5" drives



any suggestions for where to look for it?

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Sony MRWE90/BC1 XQD seems to fit all my requirements (yet to buy it to find out for sure), although it is almost as big as 2.5" HDD enclosure and costs over $50 (former drawback is more important for me)

so my search continues with added criteria: smaller than Sony MRWE90/BC1 XQD and without XQD slot, or with USB type C connector, or docking station / port replicator that has full-sized SD slot

EDIT: yes, it does, except second slot for sony's proprietary XQD memory cards is useless for me until XQD to SD adapter is created

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