To charge my Pixel XL. The supplied cable is too short for my needs. USB-C to USB-A is viable but I'd need a compatible fast charge adapter as well. I'm not seeing a whole lot of availability in the 10 foot range, at least not anything from well known manufacturers.

Can anyone recommend a 10 foot USB-C to USB-C cable for a Pixel XL?


Can anyone recommend a 10 foot USB-C to USB-A cable and compatible fast charge adapter for a Pixel XL?

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At 9 (I know...it's not 10...) feet the AmazonBasics USB Type-C to USB Type-C 2.0 Cable should be a great option.

officially supports fast charging (and some pixel owners confirm in the Q&As, and has a 5-star rating from Google Engineer and famous USB Type-C reviewer Benson Leung.

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