does anyone have any experience of using USB temperature & humidity sensors under Linux? I suspect we may have a damp problem and I want to assess the level of humidity in various rooms in my house over 24-48h so I can work out if there's a real problem.

  • Data analysis isn't a problem as long as I can load it up into a pandas DataFrame in Python
  • I'm not looking for something that needs to be plugged into a running computer but that will record on battery power and then upload logged data when plugged in
  • The ideal would be something available in the UK

So, for example, I've found this, which claims:

"After a data log has been captured and stored, it can be uploaded as a .txt file to any PC running the Windows® XP/7 or 8 operating system after plugging the data logger into one of the computer's USB ports"

But there's no indication of the actual upload mechanism and whether it requires a special client that's Windows-only or whether it just uses generic USB mass storage. I could use wine, but don't know if their software would be compatible.

Can anyone recommend a decent quality thermometer/hygrometer that works well (or has know workarounds) under Linux?

  • Judging from the fact they provide a "mini-disc" with drivers and dedicated software Id bet it wont work. Unless it's a usb serial (with standard drivers) and you will be able to launch that software under wine. – Jan Dorniak Nov 10 '17 at 23:55

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