I am looking for an Android device that has a display that can be easily viewed in direct bright sunlight. I have tried several high-end cell phones, and they are all challenging to read in bright sunlight. Might need something with a reflective display.

  • The screen size needs to be at least 12.5cm (5"), and can be up to 30cm (12"). Prefer something around 20cm (8").

  • Prefer a color screen, but black and white is acceptable.

  • The device must have a GPS.

  • Lower cost is strongly preferred, although I do not have a specific budget in mind.

  • The Android version that it runs needs to be KitKat or later.

  • Water resistance is a big plus. Will be used outdoors.

  • Brand does not matter.

  • Does not need to have telephone function (can be a phone or a tablet).

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It looks like you should be looking more at e-readers than phones/tablets.

Something like this perhaps? https://www.alibaba.com/product-detail/Professional-cheap-13-3-Boox-Max_60538385575.html?spm=a2700.7724857.main07.10.75b367af4LveAr&s=p

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