I'm looking for a 1x PCIe Adapter supporting half mini and mini PCIe wireless network card

  • Quality components
  • Transparent (No additional drivers needed etc)
  • 3 antenna connector preferred (2 minimum)
  • Able to use the full speed of a PCIe slot
  • Compatible with all existing 802.11 protocols + Bluetooth

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There really aren't all that many options for this out there. Newegg has one: the Silverstone ECWA2-Lite. It uses simple pass-through connectors to your computer's PCIe slot and internal USB header, so it runs at full speed, needs no additional drivers, and should be compatible with any mini-PCIe card. It's only got two antennas, though.

  • Also, the quality will be about the same from most adapters like this. Since there isn't much demand, nearly all the distributors use the same OEMs.
    – CDove
    Oct 26, 2018 at 11:10

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