I am looking for a keyboard for programming (not gaming).


  • Detachable USB cable (the same as smartphones use - USB A to Micro USB-B)
  • Weight: Has to be heavy. At least 800g. Heavier is better.
  • Rubber pads
  • Format: DE: QWERTZ
    • Enter at the very right (or at least enough space between enter and anything more right so that I don't hit e.g. page up/down when I want to hit enter)
  • USB Hub: I would like to be able to plug in a USB stick / a mouse
  • Backlight: Should be possible to switch it on and off
  • Not ergonomic: I can't type on those.
  • Not too flat: I use the Thinkpad T460p and I like how the keyboard feels. I've tried some Mac Notebooks and they feel much too flat for me.

Nice to have:

  • Mouse: A small touchpad / trackpoint / trackball - if it is big, I don't want it.
  • Bluetooth-Capability (especially if I have a hardware-switch to turn it on / off)

Not necessary:

  • Num block (I slightly prefer not to have it)
  • Media keys: I'm not sure about this, but I don't see an advantage in comparison to creating custom commands (I'm a Ubuntu user)

Considered so far

CODE keyboard (88 Key)

  • Detachable USB cable ✔
  • 907g ✔
  • Rubber pads ✔
  • QWERTZ format available ✔
  • USB Hub ✘
  • Backlight ✔
  • Not ergonomic ✔
  • Not too flat ✔
  • Mouse ✘
  • Nice design - judging from photos only, I guess the keys feel nice.


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