The key difference between this and a similar existing question is that I need my cameras to be not only wireless, but battery powered. I have one like this, the Ring "stickupcam", which is perfect except that it can only be displayed 1 camera at a time and only can be displayed on its mobile app.

I'm looking for the

  • lowest cost
  • battery powered
  • wireless
  • multi-camera
  • outdoor

home surveillance system where all video streams can be displayed on 1 screen, such as a flat screen TV (either my normal home TV or a dedicated flat screen of some sort).

The idea is that I want to be able to see all parts of my yard at the same time to make sure that my dog is OK (there's a fence, but I still worry). My home is old, so there are no outdoor power outlets, few indoor ones, and I'm not eager to do major wiring upgrades to make this happen.

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