I have TS140 server running Ubuntu and several vm's for apps, web, MySQL. Looking to upgrade CPU from stock i3-4150. It is LGA 1150 (H3) socket. I have the newer motherboard.

Is e3-1230v3, e3-1226v3, e3-1240v3 or e3-1276v3 better suited for server and if so, are there significant differences?

If I upgrade to e3-1240v3 (doesn't have gpu) will I still be able to run ubuntu desktop in the vm's ?

Is there a broadwell that would work in the LGA 1150 (H3)? e3-1285v4?

Looking to spend ~ $300

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The e3-1276v3 processor is significantly faster. Here is link to openbenchmark of the i3-4150v3 and e3-1276v3 processors running pts/multicore benchmark http://openbenchmarking.org/result/1707040-KH-1707042KH29

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