Recently, I've been eye-ing the PNY CS2030, and it has quite the specs to share. According to the specs, it boasts 201kIOps Read, and 215kIOps write. Additionally, it says a read speed 2.75 GB/s and write of 1.5GB/s.

I'm looking for close comparing competitors. Specifically, under the following qualifications:

  • Under 150 USD
  • 220 GB or more capacity
  • 150k IOps in read and write or more
  • At least 2GB/s read
  • At least 1GB/s write
  • M.2 Form Factor
  • available in the US (but it doesn't have to be exclusive)

Bonus if it beast out the PNY in some aspects for its price.

Thank you all in advance!

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That PNY SSD is pretty good, but looks like I can just barely beat you out ;)


$128 @ newegg ships free in the US

  • 250 GB
  • 300,000 IOPS 4K Random Write
  • 330,000 IOPS 4K Random Read
  • 3.2 GB/s read
  • 1.5 GB/s write
  • M.2 Sata NVMe PCIe enter image description here

I've had great sucess with Samsung SSD products. The cheaper Samsung evo Sata (non M.2 and slower as a result) SSDs are also a great upgrade to older computers. I personally own a 940 evo and stand by it.


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