I'm looking for options to replace my current mouse which has some interesting features, but not all I want.

Must-Haves / Hard Requirements:

  • Price must be <100€ in Germany
  • The configuration software must work with Windows 10 Creator's Update
  • The mouse needs to have at least two clickable buttons additionally to a standard clickable scroll-wheel and the left- and right mouse buttons
  • The configuration software must be able to assign the following actions:
    • Open Windows Explorer (win-key + e)
    • Copy (Ctrl+c)
    • Paste (Ctrl+v)
    • Open Start (win-key)
    • Double-Click
  • The mouse must feature a sensor that either has no hardware mouse acceleration or where it can be turned off through the configuration software
  • It must be wired and use USB as its interface
  • It must feature a closed design, that is it must not be / look like the Mad Catz RAT series

Really Nice-To-Haves:

  • The mouse allows me to program 4 of the 5 above listed functionalities at once, ie it has either 4 buttons or features something like a "shift" button
  • The mouse works out of the box with Windows using default drivers (HID)
  • The mouse can save its programming and apply it to new machines without the configuration software installed (ie if I configure ExtraButton1 to be "copy" it must work on all machines out-of-the-box)
  • The mouse should last >5 years, for the sake of comparability we set this requirement equal with "has >2 years of manufacturer warranty"

Neat features:

  • A configurable lift distance
  • A configurable DPI value
  • Configurable weight
  • "Big" size

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