I'm looking for a tablet with pen input running a recent version of Android. The main purpose would be taking notes on PDF lecture slides during lectures at university. I would not use it to listen to music, watch movies or type long texts, I have a laptop for those things.

Thus, I want:

  • Android OS, preferably version 7 (manufacturers who have updated their devices quickly in the past would be a bonus)
  • good input responsiveness (I don't care about the kind of pen used as long as it works reliably)
  • battery life should be good
  • I would prefer the OS to be as vanilla as possible (might be hard to find)
  • a decent display (color temperature, contrast etc) would be nice, but not a must-have
  • system performance should be smooth
  • a case would also be nice to have but not mandatory

What I don't want/need:

(I've included this section because reviewers often complained about these in reviews I read)

  • A good camera (I don't care if it even has one)
  • 3G/LTE (I would only use WiFi)
  • A good sound system (would hardly ever use it)
  • good GPS (I would never use it)
  • extra features such as finger print scanners, Hardware keyboards
  • I also don't care much about weight and thickness, both seem to be in reasonable ranges in tablets nowadays

I don't have too strict of a budget, but I hope ~400€ would suffice (although, given good reasons, I'd be prepared to spend more, even a good amount more if it would really be worth it).

Hands-On experiences would be nice to hear, especially regarding pen input.

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