I have a Peachtree Audio DAC, and a sonos Connect Amp. I went with the Peachtree Audio to have the benefits of the 'warmer' effects on my digital media. And I went with the Sono Connect Amp to be able to connect to my NAS or stream directly.

My question is what is the best configuration for my amps (if any)? Or is there another hardware item I can buy to make the puzzle pieces fit?

Before I got the Connect Amp, I had played my digital media over USB connected to my DAC. But now with the Connect, if I have a network cable running from my NAS to the Sonos Connect Amp, will my DAC ever get a chance to play its part? I'm guessing no? I'm a little confused.

My complete system is:

  • DAC: Peachtree Audio Nova
  • AMP: Sonos Connect Amp
  • Speakers: Bose 901 (don't ask why haha)
  • SW: Sunfire SDS 12


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