I have been wanting a better desk for many months. Pretty much my only requirements are:

  • Desk must move up/down
    • Must have some sort of continuous mechanism for this (ie not just every 2 inches, etc)
    • Can be either motorized or non-motorized
  • Must be available online
  • Must have a flat surface that is reasonably rectangular

Price is meaningful, and I'd like to say less than $500, but this is not the most important thing. An ideal answer would include a few options with varying price ranges.

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  • Be sure to consider other alternatives, like a tall desk with a tall chair and a footrest. You can switch between sitting and standing in one second or less.
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Ergotron Workfit-D

Ergotron Workfit-D

Image source: ergotron.com

I do not (yet) own this desk, but I've put lots of research into this in hopes of soon owning a sit-stand desk. After evaluating quite a few desks, I've all but settled on the Workfit-D. It is non-motorized; the raising and lowering is enabled by Ergotron's "Patented Constant Force™ technology". That's a fancy term for "spring powered". The height adjustment is done by squeezing the handbrake on the front right corner of the desk then lifting.

Relevant Specifications

  • Capacity — 65 lbs (29.5 kg)
  • Surface area — Rectangular, 47.6" x 23.5" (121 cm x 60 cm)
    • If you'd like custom dimensions, Ergotron sells just the base. The maximum recommended dimensions are available on that product page. Note the difference in capacity; presumably the surface shipped with the Workfit-D is 23 lbs. IKEA sells many different table tops in different sizes, shapes, and colors; you could go this route if you'd like some customization.
  • Vertical lift — 20" (51 cm)
  • Minimum height — 30.6" (78 cm)
  • Maximum height — 50.6" (129 cm)
  • Price — Currently $689.00 with free shipping on Amazon


I initially was drawn to IKEA's Bekant motorized sit/stand desk due to the lower price, but two things dissuaded me: speed and stability. I've seen multiple reviewers report that at higher heights the Bekant is not quite as stable as you might expect. The Bekant also has a very slow height adjustment. Ergotron produced this video comparing their desk's rate of adjustment with one that is motorized. The video is a little silly but does a good job making a point.


The Workfit-D does not have infinite height points. It uses locking pins to secure the desk at the height you select. I don't have information on the spacing between the pin holes but personally I would be happy with what's available based on the video reviews I've watched.

The minimum desk height is also a little high. My current static height sitting desk is roughly 28". I think I'd be comfortable with the 30.6" height, but it's a surprisingly high base for desk that has an adjustable height.

Helpful reviews


Your best option would be to use the upliftdesk which is available online and has a motor to make it go up and down is made with quality materials has wire managment and it has a keyboard tray. It is $630 though. upliftdesk also has a frame only desk that is just a frame and has a motor already on it for $460 but it does not have a top so you would have to get one yourself.

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