I am trying to pick ram for my laptop. I can see these types of ram on the site.

Ddr4 2133 pc4 17000
Ddr4 2133 pc4 17000s
Ddr4 2133 pc4 17000u
Ddr4 2133 pc4 17066r
Ddr4 2133 pc3 17066

What does the latter at the end or lack of it mean? Which one should I choose? Also, about the 3 or 4 after pc. What is it supposed to mean? Is bigger number better?

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It's points out the type of the RAM :

The "R" is for Registered which is usually used in servers.
The "U" stands for unbuffered non ECC.
The "E" stands for unbuffered ECC (not registred)
The "S" for SO-DIMM, a format of DIMM's used for laptops :)

Those are the ones I know.

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