I am trying to find a solution to be able to KVM two computers, both with two DisplayPort outputs (two video cards on one PC and a docking station with two ports) to a monitor array connected with two DisplayPort hubs that join three monitors (2x3) and one keyboard and one mouse.

I'm not even sure if the type of KVM I am looking for even exists. Possible scenarios in my mind are:

  1. KVM that has two inputs for each computer (2x2) and two outputs, or
  2. A KVM model that can link multiple switches in a master/slave relationship so when the master is switched, the slave will switch as well.

Ideally, the KVM solution would support DisplayPort 1.2 or higher and would cost between $100 and $500 USD.

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I ended up going with the following product:

IOGEAR - GCS1944 - 4-Port 4K Dual View DisplayPort KVMP with USB 3.0 Hub and Audio https://www.iogear.com/product/GCS1944/



It supports up to 4K display, which also means you can daisy-chain monitors with lower resolutions. I currently have a 2560x1440 that daisy-chains to a 1920x1080 monitor plugged into one display output, and then my other 1920x1080 monitor plugged into the second display output. It's temperamental with the laptop docking station I use for my work laptop, but the desktops work fine.

I purchased the dock for around USD$550, but the price currently on the IOGEAR site is listed at USD$699.95.

Edit: There's also a comparable model, the GCS1942, which supports just two PCs instead of four, and is listed at USD$449.95.

I've been using this solution for a couple of years now (sorry, forgot about this question/post).

Hope this helps others!

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