I'm looking for a projector which:

  • has a resolution of 1080p or better
  • an output of > 3999 lumen
  • can be connected to wirelessly from Microsoft Windows 10 (Miracast?)
  • can be connected to from Apple macOS

(It's my understanding that Miracast isn't really/really isn't supported on macOS?)

Who has any suggestions? We currently use a BenQ MH740, and I've been ogling the MH750 (with QP01 dongle), but we're not married to BenQ so other brands are fine as well.


I found a 4200 lumen projector on Amazon.com by EUG: EUG 4200 lumen 1080p wireless

It is compatible with a variety of different wireless casting programs including Airplay and Miracast.

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