I'm looking for a cheap midi controller keyboard. I would primarily use this for playing around with music production through Reason 8. I will also occasionally use it to play synth sounds live through my laptop with Reason.


  • Must have a USB output, no sound outputs are necessary.

  • Must have at least 49 keys. More would be nice but not necessary.

  • Must have a mod wheel and a pitch bend wheel separately. (my current controller has the two combined together, which is obnoxious to say the least)

  • Must have reprogrammable faders and knobs.


  • USB-powered would be nice, but isn't a must.

  • Light, and easy to carry around.

  • Button pads would be nice.

  • Durable

I have no brand preferences. I would like to spend less money if possible. Ideal price would be under $100, but I could see myself going up to $150 if it was a significant improvement in quality.

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