Does there exist an ergonomic split keyboard, like this:

Split keyboard

But where the keys don't stop at the 'official' typing boundary. Sometimes I want to type a B with my right hand, and these kinds of keyboards make it infuriating.

Note that Apple realised split keyboards should have duplicated keys - the iPad split keyboard has (invisible) duplicates:

Are there any physical keyboards that do the same thing, or at least duplicate the B (it's exactly in the middle on many keyboards and Apple even put it on the right side of their split keyboard)?

iPad keyboard


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So, there is no keyboards with a dedicated "B" key on both sides so I found the next best thing.

The Ergo Pro is fully separated, and has some good reviews. but what it has that you really need, an extra key to the left of the N key, on the right side. The reason this is important is because you can easily remap that key to send in a b.

Map Any Key to Any Key on Windows 10, 8, 7, or Vista - This article gives you a little write up about how this can be done and even gives a software rec that looks extremely basic. I haven't looked, but I'm certain there are Mac key remapping programs as well.

I originally found this keyboard In this article. It was determined to be one of the best split key keyboards around.

Here is the companies website, they have it listed for $200


I have a keychron Q10, shown here, and like all "Alice style" keyboards from keychron, it has a duplicate B key.

Duplicate B keys

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