I'm looking to buy a pen to be used with my moto G, and it has to have a fine point because I plan on writing with it.

So I know these kinds of pen work with any capacitive screen and hence it works the moto G. But they're too thick.

So I'm planning on buying one of these. The issue is that the website gives out a list of compatible devices with just a few devices on it (moto G not in it). But my question is: if this is a capacitive pen, shouldn't it work with all capacitive screen devices? Can I be sure that this pen will indeed work?

Also, is there a better option to get a pen that work the 1st gen Moto G phone?


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Yes, that stylus will work. It's capacitive and so is your device.

Sometimes, online listings like that will include a list of "compatible" products, either in the title or in the description. The list doesn't really mean anything, but if someone searches something like:

<popular device> stylus

the listings with <popular device> are more likely to show up higher in the search results.

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