I'm looking for a small device (smartphone, netbook etc) to store passwords and other sensitive information. The device never goes online and has to be password-or PIN-protected. The device will be used only infrequently. Other requirements:

  • small (ideally not larger than a iPad mini)
  • has a hardware QWERTY keyboard
  • has a camera
  • storage space ist not important, as long as it fits ca. 100 photos and max 1 MB of text
  • has an app for taking notes
  • ideally with encrypted storage
  • costs less than 100 USD/Euro used on Ebay, but preferably less, of course
  • makes easy to transfer information out of the device without using an online or cloud solution
  • is not a Chinese no-name device
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    I love the last requirement (rofl) – Xylius Jan 22 '17 at 3:48

You didn't specify operating system, but the LG Extravert 2 meets all requirements. Just take the SIM card out. Has camera. Has SD Card for exporting data. Has Qwerty keyboard. Is small. Is less than $100. Is not no name Chinese. Has an app for notes. Is PIN protected. Not sure about encryption, but there's probably an Android app for that.

enter image description here

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