I'm currently relocating once every one or two months and as I have not much luggage space on my car motorbike, I can't move around my PC and my 26 inches screen and I'm stuck with just my laptop.

So, I'm thinking to buy a cheap mini projector to plug into the laptop to watch movies and play games and need some advice, as it's a field I've never looked into.

What I'd need:

  • Decent screen size, maybe at least a 42 inches?
  • Decent resolution, no needs for FullHD but at least something more than a 1366×768
  • HDMI input
  • Small. Even better, lightweight.
  • Silent
  • I have no idea of prices, but if possible...no more than 100 euro?
  • decent quality, I need text to be readable

Nothing else, and I mean it literally: I'm ok in trading everything else for the above features. I'll be using it only at night so (reasonably) low lumens is ok, I don't need usb ports, no wifi, nothing nothing nothing.

  • broad request is broad. And while having a lot of requested variables, is not very specific in terms of definition of said variables. Nov 17 '16 at 17:10

This one is under budget, and meets all of your other criteria. Seems like a solid little piece of hardware, I might pick one up...

It sounds like your travelling alot. I would consider getting a small bit of projector cloth and 4 push pins. I doubt hotel staff would see the pin holes, and it would make your experience with any projector better. You can cut the cloth down to the size you'd prefer, or just let the remainder hang loose. When your done, it should fold up nicely and go back into your bag.

Crenova Mini Projector

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    @0-60FPS maybe you are checking the wrong profile, 'cause I'm around on the SE network every day, many times a day :-) And btw, if you need me you can just drop me a @ note. Anyway, I have posted many questions on many SE sites, and I always go back to accept answers...when they answer the question. This VPR cost 200 dollars, far from 100 Euro; ok, right now is 50% and I must admit the budget was last of my concerns, still I asked for a resolution higher than 1366×768 and pardon me but, at 800*480 this one has the resolution of a calculator display.
    – motoDrizzt
    Jun 19 '17 at 14:11

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