For a family member with quite a big head, I'm looking for a headphone to replace the one which is (kinda) broken. Naturally I'm looking for a replacement which will do better, so I'm asking here for recommendations.

Object searched: Headphone

Mandatory requirements:

  • 3.5mm jack input
  • Must be closed design
  • Impedance must be between 40 and 80 Ohm
  • Cable must either be removable from the actual headphone or be at least 1.5m
  • Must be able to accomodate the following "head specs":
    • (Full) Ear diameter: 8cm (from bottom to top of the ear)
    • Head diameter: 15cm (from ear-to-ear)
    • Height: 13cm (from mid of ear, straight ob the top of the head)
    • Perimeter length (?): 37cm (from the middle of the ear over the top of the head to the other ear)
  • Price must be less than 150€


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