I'm seeking a recommendation for a USB 3.x SuperSpeed hub with the following features:

  • USB-IF USB 3.x SuperSpeed certified. If it's certified and it doesn't work well, it's probably no fault of the hub.
  • Self-powered: I prefer self-powered hubs because they can source more current and seem to operate more reliably than those that are bus-powered.
  • 4-12 ports. Fewer and the hub isn't very useful, more and the hub is too large.
  • Under $200.

I'm struggling with finding a certified hub. I purchased an AmazonBasics 10 Port USB 3.0 Hub and it works very poorly. Because it's not certified and I haven't purchased a second hub yet, I don't know if the issue is unique to the hub. Regardless, I would prefer a well tested hub that's gone through the trouble of compliance testing.

This Belkin hub says it's certified in the name but I don't see the SuperSpeed certified logo and it also seems to be unavailable on both Amazon and the Belkin website.

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