I've got a Logitech ClearChat headset, and I love it, but I need something with better transmission strength. I've looked around for similar devices though and it seems as though the ClearChat is singular in its class. I'm having a very hard time doing detailed search though, as sales sites like Amazon & NewEgg don't have great search criteria for headsets.

I also found the H20e, but sadly it's a "business-class" device and the response is a mushy 150Hz-7KHz. Useful only for person-to-person phone calls; unusable for music, games, or even group meetings.

Here are the things that I'm looking for:

  • USB, not Bluetooth
  • 20Hz-20KHz response (H20e can't do this)
  • On-ear mute switch
  • On-mic mute indicator LED
  • Range greater than 10m (ClearChat can't do this)

Are there any headsets out there that satisfy these criteria?

  • Do you have a budget for this? – Cfinley Oct 9 '15 at 19:43
  • It's primarily a work device, so my budget is...generous, heh. I'll entertain any suggestion, regardless of price. – bwerks Oct 9 '15 at 19:45

I've been looking around a bit, so far I've found the following two candidates, coincidentally all from SteelSeries (no, I am not affiliated, apparently they just are good):

  • The SteelSeries Siberia 840 can be used both wired (full quality, not using bluetooth) and wireless, has two battery packs for quick exchange and recharge, and additional bluetooth connectivity. Obviously that comes at a price around 300$. Actually there also is the 800 without bluetooth.
  • The Arctis 7 can be used wired and wireless, but it lacks bluetoth. The disadvantage is it only works via USB in wireless mode
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